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An Ally is someone who supports and advocates for a marginalized or underrepresented group, even if they do not personally belong to that group. Allies could be individuals who support the mission of empowering young women in finance and actively contribute to creating inclusive environments for them to thrive.

Be part of creating a world where we all have a seat at the table. Companies with greater gender diversity perform better.

By joining RTSWS’ Alliance you are helping to serve your firm as well as to improve the advancement of talented young women.

Invest your resources wisely by either making a meaningful personal donation to RTSWS or inspiring your company to become a dedicated sponsor. Your support holds the power to transform lives within your local community.

For further details, connect with us at Additionally, amplify your advocacy for RTSWS as the collective effort of the majority is essential for the success of the minority. Take proactive steps within your network and community to champion our cause and spread awareness effectively.

Anders Hall

“I’m honored to serve as Board Chair for Rock The Street, Wall Street. It is such a great cause and has a powerful mission to encourage more high school girls to pursue involvement in the financial arena.” 

Anders Hall, RTSWS Board Chair

Vice Chancellor for Investments and Chief Investments Officer at Vanderbilt University

Women Comprise Only


of Hedgefund Managers


of Venture Capital Partners


of Mutal Fund Managers


of Private Equity Professionals

“Solutions can’t take place in an echo chamber of all-female voices. To affect change, men must be part of the conversation.”

Ellen Carr & Katrina Dudley
Authors of “Undiversified, The Big Gender Short in Investment Management”

* All royalty proceeds from Undiversified generously are donated to Rock The Street Wall Street (RTSWS), a 501(c)(3) charity.

Women are vastly underrepresented in the financial field. This diverse viewpoint is vital. Rock The Street, Wall Street equips girls to navigate a career in finance as well as understanding the benefits of long term financial and investment planning.

Take action: raise your hand, get involved, contribute financially, become a sponsor, engage in conversations with your daughters, and bring the RTSWS mission to life. Together, let’s bridge the gender gap in finance and cultivate a more inclusive future.


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The pervasive underrepresentation of girls in the financial sector highlights the critical need for diverse perspectives. Rock The Street, Wall Street is dedicated to empowering girls to pursue careers in finance, equipping them with the knowledge and skills for long-term financial and investment planning success. Let’s ensure every girl has the opportunity to thrive in the financial world by supporting and championing initiatives like RTSWS.