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Experience the impact of Rock The Street, Wall Street across the United States. With a presence in over 25 cities nationwide, we offer immersive financial programs, mentorship, and support for young women on their collegiate and corporate journeys. Join us in empowering the next generation of female leaders in finance.

RTSWS Fact Sheet

You’re invited to share this RTSWS fact sheet with your firm and industry colleagues as we are excited to generate additional interest in getting involved in reaching these talented young women.

NG Americas & Rock The Street Wall Street Celebrate Financial Literacy Month with Launch of Reimagined Alumnae & Career Center Providing Access and Opportunity to Young Women Entering the Workforce

ING Americas & RTSWS Celebrate FinLit Month with Launch of Reimagined ACC

NG’s Transformational Grant to RTSWS’s Career Platform Streamlines and Automates Features Better Serving Girls with Tailored Access to Leadership, Mentoring and Financial Services Roles


A Strong Impact on Girls

The Marshall Fundamental Girls Build LA Club recently hosted a Lunch and Learn event, welcoming over thirty young women eager to learn about civic engagement and female empowerment. The event featured activities and discussions aimed at empowering young women and...
Maura Cunningham RTSWS Founder and CEO

“We understand math and the awesome power it brings. Sparking the students’ interest at a critical juncture in pre-college planning and career selection is transformational” 

Maura Cunningham
Founder & CEO, Rock The Street, Wall Street

Educators to Educators

Discover how RTSWS has empowered educators to inspire young women to pursue careers in finance through engaging workshops, mentorship opportunities, and real-world experiences. Hear stories of transformation and impact as educators discuss the invaluable role RTSWS plays in shaping the future of finance for the next generation of female leaders.

Students to Students

Dive into the inspiring stories of high school students from diverse backgrounds as they share their personal journeys with RTSWS programs in their schools across the United States. From discovering the power of financial literacy to gaining insight into the world of investment and finance.

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