Impact & Testimonials

Through our RTSWS classroom programming and curriculum, mentoring and Alumnae leadership series, we are proud to have served more than 6,000 girls over the past 10 years with industry Volunteers, School Champions and Sponsors. With more than 500 girls per year entering the workforce through internships and entry-level positions often posted to our Alumnae & Career Center, we are expanding the talent pipeline and making a real impact for these talented young women. Here are some of their stories.

Stella X.

Thanks to the support of Rock the Street Wall Street, I had the privilege of attending the Women’s Association of Venture and Equity (WAVE) annual career forum in New York City for the second consecutive year. During the forum, I participated in various group discussions with female finance professionals, who shared their insights on the alternative asset management industry. My most valuable takeaway is the importance of a strong professional network in one’s career development.

Stella, Yale Class of 2026 
Economics and Women Studies
RTSWS Alumna 2019

“As I enter the professional world, I can confidently say that I would not be on the path that I am on today without Rock the Street, Wall Street. Every time someone asks me, “Why finance?”, I realize that RTSWS is my answer. The incredibly knowledgeable and supportive network of female mentors has inspired me to pursue not only a career in this field, but also the larger dream to one day be that role model for another girl just like me.”

Julia, Harvard class of 2026,
Member of  Harvard Undergraduate Women in Business & event moderator
RTSWS Alumnae 2019

Julia K.
Carly Duke Uni

“I just finished my third day of the Franklin Templeton internship program, and it is already going great! I am learning so much from a range of educational sessions and am connecting with such an impressive network. I wanted to check-in and continue to express my gratitude to RTSWS for sharing the position and for helping me land this. It is truly such a rare opportunity for someone my age and it’s already proving to be a great fit and extremely worthwhile.”

Carly, Duke Class of 2026
RTSWS Alumna 2021

“Rock the Street Wall Street provides a community for girls to learn how to handle and budget money and invest. As a high school junior many of the topics we covered are things that I will need to understand to reach my monetary goals now and in the future. It helped me understand the world of finance and for that I am very grateful that this opportunity was offered to me.”

– Student

“RTSWS was a life-changing experience for me! Starting in 10th grade… I was able to gain an overall higher understanding of financial literacy and make so many great connections. The mentors are phenomenal when it comes to giving advice and providing opportunities to improve our own financial status such as budgeting, bonds, mutual funds, Roth IRA, and so much more. If I was given the chance to do this program in college I would do it all over again!”

– Student

“Before joining Rock the Street Wall Street, I was very intimidated by the idea of investing and had never met any women who worked in finance. As a mentee, I learned about personal finance, and investing, and gained insight into the life of a finance professional. These experiences enhanced my academic year and made investing seem less frightening. Despite my initial reservations about finance, joining Rock the Street Wall Street was a fantastic experience that I now want to share with other young women in my community.”

– Student

“I was eager to get involved with RTSWS after watching a presentation during my financial literacy class… Our class met with RTSWS volunteers, which allowed us to obtain new perspectives and get a better understanding of the various roles and responsibilities within the financial services field. Prior to my involvement with RTSWS, I never considered a field in STEM because I did not see many women in the field, nor did I see people that looked like me.

Kamri W., RTSWS Alumna
Academy of the Sacred Heart New Orleans | 2020 Grad | New Orleans, LA

“The most memorable thing that I learned from RTSWS is to be open to any direction or option as a career path. Before, I used to automatically write off finance because I believed that since I was not good at math I could not succeed. RTSWS taught me that there is so much more to a career than the initial assumptions we place on it and that really broadened my perspective.”

Angelina M., RTSWS Alumna
Panther Creek HS | 2020 Grad | Raleigh, NC

“I am a sophomore at NYU Stern School of Business and I’m majoring in business with a concentration in finance. I actually found two internships through RTSWS ACC. Last summer, I interned at BlackRock and this summer, I interned at Franklin Templeton. I loved both of those internships and getting to really understand the financial sector. From these internships, I found out that asset management is a field I am really interested in.”

Tiffany H., RTSWS Alumna
Stuyvesant HS | 2020 Grad | New York, NY

“During the RTSWS Program, I received great insights into some basic financial concepts that I still carry with me, and an amazing mentor who helped answer any questions I had about college and future careers in finance.”

Caroline M., RTSWS Alumna
Hume-Fogg HS | 2015 Grad | Nashville, TN


“I’m so proud of the important work performed by First Citizens Bank and RTSWS. We’re so glad to partner with such an impactful organization to shape the lives of young girls.”
– Volunteer, Financial Professional

“I appreciate my firm for giving back to our local communities, students and children and I love being able to be a part of the effort by volunteerism.” 
– Volunteer, Financial Professional 

“Even the small connections and interactions can be considered a success. But if 1 girl learns something
new, gains additional knowledge and/or confidence in the area of finance, that is success.” 
– Volunteer, Financial Professional