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RTSWS sparks girls’ enthusiasm for finance at a critical age and makes them aware of the societal benefits personal financial knowledge and math-oriented careers can have. Since launching in 2012, more than 7,000 girls have graduated from the year-long program.

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Fall Financial Literacy Workshops

THE first program in our year-long model - 4 One-hour sessions

Female financial professionals lead classroom workshops including hands-on financial math projects on money management and more during the four-week program. Our cutting-edge, open-sourced curriculum rips from the headlines, discusses public policy, economic policy, and stock and bond markets. Workshops cover topics including but not limited to student loan debt, auto financing, stock portfolio composition and performance and interest rates.

Program Curriculum



Students act as a financial planner for Janella, a 28-year-old female. They create a budget for her, keeping in mind her short-term and long-term financial goals



Students act as a financial adviser for Janella, a 17-year-old college-bound student. Analyze her college costs and her short-and long-term financial goals.

high school program gold-curriculum


Students act as a wealth management advisor for Janella, a 39-year old professional female, with a sizeable sum of money saved and ready to invest in a publically-traded company.



Students act as a financial advisor for Janella, a 28-year-old female who is interested in investing in a company which is an environmental, social and governance leader.

Fall Wall Street Experience Field Trip


The Wall Street field trip is a capstone experience whereby students are given a rare glimpse into corporate office settings and the workplaces and work lives of financiers.

The experience allows the students to shadow female treasury officers, wealth managers, comptrollers, accountants, entrepreneurs, and more. For many of our students, this is their first glimpse into the world of finance, opening their eyes to a new world of possibilities.

Listen to one of our students describe the process of going through the program and realizing that finance could be for her as well, not just “men in suits.”

Spring Mentorship


Leadership Series for Early Onboarding

Students – Please register for the Spring Mentorship using the RTSWS Mobile App.

The Rock The Street, Wall Street Mentorship Program is designed to encourage racially diverse high school, secondary school and sixth form girls in the U.S., U.K. and Canada to take a strong interest in their personal finances and to explore the possibility of a career in the financial services industry. In the spring, we pair female students with seasoned female financial professionals.

Our spring mentorship program aims to provide positive role models, prepare students for college/university, and build key skills for career readiness. Mentors offer a firsthand insight into the professional world, guiding their proteges on savings, investments, interview skills, resume/CV preparation, professionalism, confidence-building and career interests. The overarching goal is to empower female students, encouraging them to take charge of their financial lives while gaining early access to lucrative internship and job opportunities in the financial sector.

Benefits of Mentorship

Boosts Self-Confidence The mentorship journey cultivates a sense of self-assurance, fostering belief in one’s abilities and potential.

Promotes Accountability Mentors play a pivotal role in holding mentees accountable for their goals, ensuring progress and commitment.

Facilitates Self-Discovery The mentorship experience aids in uncovering individual interests and professional aspirations, guiding students towards a fulfilling career path.

Encourages Open Communication A mentor provides a safe space for mentees to share ideas, academic pursuits, and career goals, fostering an environment of trust and openness.

Long-Term Guidance  Beyond immediate academic concerns, mentors offer continuous guidance as students progress through high school, secondary school, sixth form, and beyond, providing invaluable support during critical stages of their education and career development.

450-1 national average

The national average of student to guidance counselors ratio is 450:1


RTSWS average of student to RTSWS mentor ratio is 2:1

Our volunteers offer their knowledge, experience and perspective to support students in their college and professional journeys. RTSWS mentors put emphasis on the professional skills needed to create confident, accountable young women who will thrive in school and in the workplace. Students learn soft skills like effective communication, teamwork, problem-solving, adaptability and time management.