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School champions and teachers, along with our dedicated team and volunteers, play a crucial role in reaching and engaging talented students, guiding them on a path through university and entry-level roles in the financial industry. By providing access, students meet successful female leaders in the investment industry and learn within a female cohort.

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Hermia Snipes

“A 10th grader stopped by my office and expressed her take away from the Rock The Street, Wall Street field trip experience today.

Her exact word were, ‘I used to think I wanted to be…but after participating in the Rock The Street, Wall Street program with instructors and leaders, I now wish to pursue a career in the financial industry.’

She figured out how to apply math in her personal life and also in the professional bussiness world. She is so happy that she partcipated. Her life has been touch today!

Hermia Snipes

RTSWS School Champion and College and Career Development Coordinator at Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools

Educators to Educators

Discover how RTSWS has empowered educators to inspire young women to pursue careers in finance through engaging workshops, mentorship opportunities, and real-world experiences. Hear stories of transformation and impact as educators discuss the invaluable role RTSWS plays in shaping the future of finance for the next generation of female leaders.

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Dive into the inspiring stories of high school students from diverse backgrounds as they share their personal journeys with RTSWS programs in their schools across the United States. From discovering the power of financial literacy to gaining insight into the world of investment and finance.

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Experience RTSWS’s impactful programs across the United States, reaching over 25 cities annually. Join us in empowering young women on their financial journeys.


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Discover RTSWS’s influence in the United Kingdom, serving three secondary schools and engaging over 60 talented young women each year. Be part of our mission to foster the next generation of female finance leaders.



Explore RTSWS’s presence in Canada, empowering numerous young women across multiple secondary schools annually. Join us in enriching opportunities and empowerment nationwide.

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You’re invited to share this RTSWS fact sheet with your school and colleagues as we are excited to generate additional interest in getting involved in reaching these talented young women.

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Unlock opportunities for your students with our engaging and impactful programs. From fall financial literacy workshops to spring mentoring sessions, discover how we can empower your classroom.

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