(Effective July 1)

Ashley Leftwich RTSWS CEO

Effective July 1, Ashley Leftwich will serve as the CEO of Rock The Street, Wall Street (RTSWS), an innovative nonprofit committed to promoting equity and empowerment in finance by introducing diverse high school girls to the “M” in STEM. Ashley will drive the vision, growth and engagement serving RTSWS students, alumnae and volunteers.

Celebrating Financial Literacy Month with RTSWS and Ashley Leftwich

With a strong foundation in mathematics, Ashley’s career began at a Fortune 100 company, where she quickly recognized the disparities women face in math-focused fields. Her passion for advocacy and systemic change has driven her professional journey, propelling her from COO to CEO at RTSWS.


During her tenure, RTSWS expanded its reach to over 60 schools in more than 25 cities across three countries, impacting the lives of over 6,000 students. Ashley’s efforts have enhanced RTSWS’s programming in financial and investment literacy, incorporating mentoring and leadership access, enabling young women to pursue finance-related degrees at five times the national rate for female university students.

Ashley focuses on driving innovation, forging strategic partnerships, and amplifying RTSWS’s global impact. Her work with industry leaders, sponsors, and volunteers positions RTSWS as a transformative force in closing gender and racial gaps in finance. With over 1,000 alumnae poised to enter the workforce, Ashley ensures the continuity of support through the RTSWS Alumnae & Career Center, empowering these young women to thrive in early financial careers.


Outside her professional role, Ashley remains dedicated to her community and the environment. Living in Franklin, TN, she enjoys hiking, kayaking, and exploring national parks with her family. An active board member of several nonprofits, Ashley continues to advocate for sustainable practices and conservation, deeply committed to making a lasting impact both locally and globally.

Speaking Engagments

Ashley speaks regularly at corporate and national events on a variety of financial and workforce related topics. She focuses on the future and solutions by bringing girls the M in STEM and on how we can better engage girls in math and on how the financial services industry can more successfully recruit the young women of today.

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Awards & Recognition

RTSWS is one of the fastest growing non-profits focused on the M of STEM in the nation. It has been recognized by The White House, Catalyst, Nasdaq, Women’s Bond Club of New York and The Today Show for its goals to engineer social and industrial change.

RTSWS Gets Invited to the White House

Catalyst recognizes RTSWS for advancing the next generation of women into finance and leadership roles