Our Mission

Our Mission

We bring the M in STEM to diverse high school girls, offering financial & investment mathematics that support an inspired path from high school and college to their first roles on Wall Street. Our aim is to provide high quality education to break barriers and foster inclusivity in the capital markets and financial workforce, dedicated to empowering young women with equal footing.

The Problem

Research indicates that girls in the US, UK and Canada perform on par with boys in math during elementary and middle school, but their performance wanes significantly in high school/secondary school, and beyond, known as the “gender gap.” Contributing factors include societal biases, lack of female role models in math-related fields, and gender-based socialization. It’s important to recognize that this gap varies across regions and cultures.

However, solutions are evident. Research affirms that interventions boosting girls’ math and science interest yield positive results in narrowing the gender gap. Urgent action is essential. We all share responsibility in reshaping the trajectory for girls in math, spanning schools, companies, and homes.

RTSWS’ initiative revitalizes girls’ enthusiasm for math within a pivotal life phase, as they make vital choices. At this crossroads of financial independence, college decisions, and career paths, the time to make a difference is now.

The Solution

The transformation begins with proactive early intervention, equipping diverse high school girls with the M in STEM and indispensable tools of finance, emphasizing investment and financial fundamentals rooted in the power of mathematics.

Through the unwavering commitment of dedicated firms and female investment mentors and volunteers, students envision pathways to leadership and find empowerment, camaraderie and support among peers who share their backgrounds. This active engagement builds their confidence and widens their horizons to successful careers in finance. Furthermore, in collaboration with our esteemed partner firms, we steadfastly propel RTSWS Alumnae through university, internships, and the pivotal early stages of their careers via our robust Student & Alumnae Career Center, ensuring a seamless transition and ongoing mentorship.