We have kicked off our business case study at Byron Nelson High School in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area and Ravenwood High School in Brentwood, TN. How better to start a study than sampling the product?

Our students are doing a business case study of Dunkin Donuts vs. Krispy Kreme and deciding which stock Jane, our 34-year-old fictional investor, should choose to invest in.

On Day 1, our girls learned about what they’d be doing during these sessions. They read the objectives of the case study and how, at the end, they will be presenting their investment decision to their classmates.

Donuts are great inspiration

Doughnuts are great inspiration. Krispy Kreme gets a thumbs up from one team.

Sweet treats kick off this case study

Sweet treats kick off this case study. This team gives Dunkin Donuts a thumbs up on taste.

It's day 1 of fun!

Now down to the business model.

Our student work in small groups to complete this course

Our students work in small groups to complete this course.

Which company do you think our students will choose for Jane to invest in: Dunkin Donuts or Krispy Kreme?