According to LinkedIn’s August 2017 Workforce Report, Nashville (where Rock The Street, Wall Street is headquartered) has a skills gap driven by a scarcity of workers with certain skills.

Our female financial professionals are teaching high school girls FIVE of the TOP TEN skills needed in today’s economy.

  1. IT infrastructure and management
  2. Software engineering and requirements gathering
  3. Process and project management
  4. General finance
  5. Web programming
  6. Risk management
  7. Trading and investment
  8. Banking
  9. Pet care and services
  10. Management consulting, business strategy and analysis

How many programs for girls in your city can make this claim?


Women’s Investment Management Leadership Summit in NYC

For the first time, The Opal Group scheduled a Summit in New York City with only women money managers on the day-long series of panels—The Women’s Investment Management Leadership Summit.  The attendance was on par with the Emerging Managers Summit which was being hosted concurrently. Financial professionals including members of Single Family Offices, Allocators, Hedge Fund Managers and Venture Capitalists agreed the addition of the women’s conference made for a better, more mind bending conference.

Our Founder, Maura Cunningham, and RTSWS Board Member, Meredith Jones, discussed during one session, their ideas on filling the pipeline with more women and the steps needed to increase gender equality in financial careers. RTSWS was designated as the charitable partner for the event and connections were made with female and male leaders in the investment management industry and beyond.


Whenever you take a step forward, you are bound to disturb something.  – Indira Gandhi