Thrive Scholars

Thrive Scholars 6-Year Program

Thrive Scholars provides high-achieving students of color from low income backgrounds with the opportunities they need to thrive at top colleges and in meaningful careers.

The 6-Year Program is a free college and career success program designed to support Scholars on their journey from high school into high-trajectory careers.

Program participants have access to:

  • A free laptop
  • Annual stipends
  • Admissions officers from top colleges
  • College-level course work
  • Competitive internships
  • Career networking opportunities

Program Eligibility 

  • Currently enrolled as a junior in high school
  • Planning to apply to college during senior year
  • Mostly A’s in the most challenging courses offered at a student’s high school
  • Highly ranked amongst graduating class
  • SAT or PSAT score of 1250+ / ACT or Pre-ACT score of 26+ (optional)
  • Extracurricular leadership, family responsibilities, and/or part-time work
  • Identify as a student of color and/or first-generation college goer
  • A commitment of our two 6-week residential Summer Academies

We review all applications and do not have a GPA requirement.

Application Timeline

December 15, 2023 – Application Deadline

Mid-to-late January 2024 – Round 2 Advancement

Late March 2024 – Admissions Decisions Released

To apply for this job please visit