Dear Rock The Street, Wall Street Volunteer,

Our school year is off and running! It’s full speed ahead as we get Rock The Street, Wall Street’s fifth year off to a record-breaking start with more than 450 students this semester, 120 volunteers, 13 cities, (7 new this year) and 18 schools, (9 new this year). We are truly coast to coast!

We could not reach the girls without YOUR involvement.

Thank you for:

  • Spreading the word that a life in finance can indeed be a prosocial, self-transcendent purpose-driven career.
  • Taking time out of your busy day to pay it forward to the next generation.
  • Showing girls how to “own” their financial lives now.
  • Teaching girls how to save and invest, not just budget.
  • Lifting the veil on finance, which, for the most part, is nothing more than first year algebra.
  • Changing the culture of the financial services industry by expanding the pipeline of future female candidates.
  • Modeling to the girls that it’s just as much about confidence as it is capability.
As you lead the financial “hands-on project” workshops, you will see high school girls respond to YOU. Watch THEIR confidence grow as they take you in as their financial and aspirational role model. This is critical as the research shows:
  • Neither mom nor dad are speaking to their daughters about financial management.
  • The number one reason girls state they are not choosing STEM professions – They don’t see women in those professions. The number two reason – They don’t see their girl friends choosing those professions.


Think about it… Imagine seeing 15 – 20 women in the M of STEM coming through the high school doors all at once. Talk about making an impression!

During our last five years, we’ve seen teenage girls begin to take ownership of their finances. YOU are the one who is changing the trajectory of these girls’ lives. As a role model and mentor, YOU “walk the talk” on all matters financial. YOU bring light where once there was darkness on these issues. Ask yourself… How many of YOUR girl friends are still in the dark on their financial matters?  YOU are changing this.

Maura Cunningham, Founder & Executive Director, RTSWS

Thank you to all the sponsoring firms and agencies listed below for their skill-based volunteers.