In January 2024, data showed that only 26.4% of registered economists worldwide are women. To address this gap, Sacred Heart Academy in Hempstead, New York, introduced the Rock the Street, Wall Street (RTSWS) program last fall. This financial and investment literacy initiative empowers high school girls to explore careers in finance.

Through engaging activities, students learned practical financial skills like budgeting for different lifestyles. After six enriching weeks of the program, students visited Molloy College, where they participated in a fun business quiz game and learned about Molloy’s summer business programs.

Sophomore Gabriella L. noted, “The program was run by women who were alumnae from Sacred Heart, creating a positive and comfortable learning environment that encouraged me to consider pursuing my interest in finance and economics.

RTSWS fosters a sense of inclusivity for girls, providing them with role models and helping them build the confidence needed to thrive in a field often dominated by men. By participating in this program, Sacred Heart students are breaking the glass ceiling, gaining financial knowledge, and leading the way to a more equitable future in finance and economics.

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