RTSWS Sponsor Cetera Financial Group Recognized for Wealth Management Awards

RTSWS Sponsor Cetera Financial Group Recognized for Wealth Management Awards

Cetera Financial Group, a sponsor of Rock The Street, Wall Street (RTSWS), has been named a finalist for four 2024 Wealth Management Industry Awards, “The Wealthies.” One notable recognition is for Cetera’s Women’s+ Employee Resource Group (ERG) and its impactful partnership with RTSWS.

Cetera’s Women’s+ ERG collaborated with RTSWS to mentor 18 high school girls over a five-week program, culminating in a tour of Cetera’s El Segundo office and a career panel featuring female employees. The program resulted in a 74.6% improvement in the students’ financial literacy scores and inspired several participants to consider careers in finance, with some expressing interest in internships and further studies in economics, finance, or related fields.

This recognition underscores Cetera’s commitment to fostering innovation, inclusivity, and empowering future female leaders in finance. We congratulate Cetera on their achievements and their partnership with RTSWS.


Education, Mentorship And Modeling Will Attract Next Gen Professionals

Education, Mentorship And Modeling Will Attract Next Gen Professionals

In a recent article by Julius Buchanan, Editor-in-Chief of Wealth Solutions Report, Maura Cunningham, Founder of Rock The Street, Wall Street (RTSWS), emphasizes the importance of early intervention in girls’ math education to close the gender gap in finance. Cunningham explains how girls’ interest and performance in math often wane after elementary school, making high school a crucial time for targeted support.

RTSWS operates in over 25 cities across three countries, impacting over 6,000 young women by reigniting their enthusiasm for math and finance. Through 100% female financial professional instructors, RTSWS provides financial literacy programs, mentorship, and real-world access to finance firms.

“Our industry must bolster support for early intervention programs and actively engage with school clubs to attract female talent,” Cunningham states.


RTSWS Teams with FWSF to Enhance Financial Literacy

RTSWS Teams with FWSF to Enhance Financial Literacy

Rock the Street, Wall Street (RTSWS) has collaborated with the Financial Women of San Francisco (FWSF) to bring financial literacy education to high school girls at Gateway High School. This effort is part of RTSWS’s ongoing commitment to enhance the understanding of financial and investment fundamentals among diverse student groups.

The engagement at Gateway High School, a public charter school known for its inclusive approach to education, focuses on exposing students to the practical and theoretical aspects of finance. This aligns with the school’s goal of providing a comprehensive educational pathway that prepares all students for college, regardless of their socio-economic background.

Volunteers from FWSF, including Anne Chambers, Kim Scala, Lyssa Holman Grimaldo CFP®, CDFA™, and Jennifer Lin, have participated in this initiative. Their involvement brings a real-world perspective to the students, illustrating the breadth of opportunities available in the financial sector.

The program aims to inspire the students by demonstrating the potential career paths in finance and the importance of financial knowledge in personal and professional settings. By interacting directly with professionals from FWSF, the students gain valuable insights into the financial industry, which is essential for young women considering a future in finance.

This collaboration with FWSF is a part of RTSWS’s broader strategy to integrate the M in STEM—Mathematics—into young women’s education, preparing them for successful careers in STEM fields, including finance.


Financial Advisor Magazine Highlights RTSWS and Gender Diversity Progress

Financial Advisor Magazine Highlights RTSWS and Gender Diversity Progress

Financial Advisor Magazine recently published an insightful article by Karen Demasters titled, “Advocate For Women Advisors Says Gender Diversity Is Improving.”

The article features Megan Slatter of Crewe Advisors, who specializes in helping women join the financial field while serving female clients. Megan is also a dedicated Rock The Street, Wall Street (RTSWS) volunteer.

“Women frequently are better at finding the human connection that makes financial advice personal, which, in turn, makes prospects want to become clients and makes clients want to stay with a firm,” Megan explained.

“I have experienced firsthand what it is like to be a woman in a male-dominated field,” Megan shared, adding that her experiences inspire her to help other women enter the financial industry.

The piece notes that the number of female certified financial planners (CFPs) has grown by 13.9% over the last three years. Almost 2,900 women became CFP professionals during this period, according to the CFP Board.

Building on this momentum, the article also highlights that RTSWS reaches diverse high school girls by bringing the M in STEM to them with a focus on Financial & Investment fundamentals. RTSWS operates in more than 25 cities across the US, UK, and Canada.

Together with our incredible volunteers, including Megan’s dedicated service, we have impacted more than 6,000 girls since 2012 who have graduated from our academic year-long program.

The feature underscores that inclusion and access take time. We are proud of our sponsors, supporters, and volunteers as more young women start to see the financial industry as a potential career. The article closes with Megan noting that advisors also need to bring the next generation of clients into the planning process early.


Shatter the Glass Ceiling: Empowering Young Women in Finance at Sacred Heart Academy

Shatter the Glass Ceiling: Empowering Young Women in Finance at Sacred Heart Academy

In January 2024, data showed that only 26.4% of registered economists worldwide are women. To address this gap, Sacred Heart Academy in Hempstead, New York, introduced the Rock the Street, Wall Street (RTSWS) program last fall. This financial and investment literacy initiative empowers high school girls to explore careers in finance.

Through engaging activities, students learned practical financial skills like budgeting for different lifestyles. After six enriching weeks of the program, students visited Molloy College, where they participated in a fun business quiz game and learned about Molloy’s summer business programs.

Sophomore Gabriella L. noted, “The program was run by women who were alumnae from Sacred Heart, creating a positive and comfortable learning environment that encouraged me to consider pursuing my interest in finance and economics.

RTSWS fosters a sense of inclusivity for girls, providing them with role models and helping them build the confidence needed to thrive in a field often dominated by men. By participating in this program, Sacred Heart students are breaking the glass ceiling, gaining financial knowledge, and leading the way to a more equitable future in finance and economics.

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FinLit Month: Conversation with Founders Maura Cunningham & Sallie Krawcheck Introduced by Ashley Leftwich

FinLit Month: Conversation with Founders Maura Cunningham & Sallie Krawcheck Introduced by Ashley Leftwich

Ellevest and Rock The Street, Wall Street founders, Sallie Krawcheck and Maura Cunningham, led a candid discussion on the crucial benefits of young women investing. They break down the power of investing, the importance of financial independence, and what it’s like to be a woman in the financial industry. With Ellevest now managing over $2 billion in women’s wealth and RTSWS bringing the M in STEM to diverse high school girls across 25+ cities in 3 countries, this discussion includes colorful stories from the past and bright insights into the future. RTSWS’ Ashley Leftwich introduces this important conversation, celebrating Financial Literacy Month in April and throughout the year.