Girls from one of the Metro Nashville Public High Schools, Hillsboro, visited UBS Business Solutions in downtown Nashville.

UBS used to be an acronym for Union Bank of Switzerland. The bank began in Switzerland and has grown to have a global footprint with over 60,000 employees. Over the years, UBS has merged with or acquired other banks to enable its growth. Their entry into the U.S. began in 2001. The company symbol of three keys stands for pillars, principles and behaviors.


The girls learned that the first day the markets traded more than 100 million shares was in 1982 on the New York Stock Exchange. The average daily volume of shares traded on the NYSE is now just over 2 billion.


Sam Kalchuk and Sarah Looney first spoke with the girls about the history of UBS. Sam gave them a tour of the UBS offices. The Nashville Solutions Center location has over 1,300 employees!

The Nashville location partners with other UBS  Solution Centers around the globe, so work is done around the clock.


The agenda provided ample time for the girls to ask questions about financial instruments, college paths and what it takes to have a career in finance.


Wanda Lyle, General Manager of UBS Business Solutions in Nashville, spoke with the girls over lunch. She explained how her daughter at a young age used to ask her why there are so few women in executive roles in finance. This inspired Wanda to make her daughter proud and become an executive in an industry mostly dominated by men.

She serves as a strong role model to women who are considering careers in the financial services industry.


Her career has taken her all over the world. She told the girls they could also have careers like hers and that nothing would stop them from being successful.


The students took a photo with Wanda Lyle, their teacher Dr. Kriebel, and members of RTSWS.


Five UBS panelists spoke to the girls about their experiences as women in the financial services industry:

  • Lindsey Walker: Graduate Trainee, Group Technology / Compliance & Operational Risk
  • Campbell Estes: Business Analyst, Investment Bank COO
  • Cher Cuthbertson: Associate Director, Performance Reporting Manager
  • Sejal Desai: Executive Director, Client and Tax Reporting Service Delivery Manager
  • Marie Christine Crewe: Managing Director, Head of Group Risk Control Nashville and Risk Control Operations

The women talked about their college and career paths and stressed to the girls that confidence is very important in the workplace. They encouraged the girls to ask questions when starting their careers because no one expects them to know everything.

When a student asked the panelists how they got to UBS, Cher said she enjoys analyzing data and building relationships. Her career at UBS enables her to do both.


Marie Christine said she has been fortunate in her career to have met or worked with individuals who have pushed her out of her comfort zone. She has grown as a person and also as a working professional because of this. “Forging those relationships and nurturing them is very important,” she said.

Sejal encouraged the girls to surround themselves with positive people who support and encourage them in their careers and life goals.

Marie Chrstine said, “Being a woman is actually an advantage” in the financial services industry.

Campbell echoed these messages: “People want diversity, and it can be fun being one of the only women on the team.”

A student asked the panel members what they recommend they do to succeed in their careers. Sejal said it is important to be focused and set goals throughout life. Lindsey recommended the girls become very familiar with financial terminology and study the background of the company where they hope to be employed.


The students received Rock The Street, Wall Street certificates of completion for their class participation this semester before heading back to school. This is one trip they will never forget!