RTSWS Celebrates Milestone of Empowering 7,000 Girls through Financial & Investment Education

RTSWS Celebrates Milestone of Empowering 7,000 Girls through Financial & Investment Education

Rock The Street, Wall Street (RTSWS), a leading nonprofit dedicated to introducing underrepresented high school girls to financial and investment mathematics, proudly announces a significant milestone in its mission. As of today, RTSWS has empowered over 7,000 girls, equipping them with critical financial and investment fundamentals along with insights into the financial industry. This announcement coincides with the leadership transition at RTSWS, with Ashley Leftwich assuming the role of CEO, succeeding Founder Maura Cunningham.

Founded in 2012 by Maura Cunningham, a 25-year Wall Street executive, RTSWS has been working to narrow the gender and racial wealth disparities. The organization’s comprehensive programming provides early financial and investment education and offers access to students showcasing potential careers in finance at crucial decision-making stages in their university and early professional journeys.

Ashley Leftwich, with a background in mathematics and formerly the Chief Operating Officer, steps up as CEO, ready to continue the organization’s expansion and deepen its impact. “Taking the helm from Maura, I am profoundly honored and excited to lead RTSWS into its next chapter. Our commitment to these young women begins with introductions to investing and grows with them as we aim to spark a lifelong passion for finance, creating paths to individual success and access to the sector. We are grateful to dedicated sponsors and remarkable volunteers from the financial industry, “ said Ms. Leftwich.

Maura Cunningham, continuing her involvement as Founder, Executive Chair, and Board Member, remarked, “It has been a privilege to see how RTSWS has transformed so many lives over the years. I look forward to continuing to grow our reach and build our impact. Together, we will keep working to empower young women by integrating the M in STEM, opening doors to rewarding careers and financial independence.”

Under the new leadership, RTSWS will continue to innovate and develop its reach. The newly reimagined Alumnae & Career Center is one such initiative, providing ongoing support to RTSWS Alumnae as they navigate university life, internships, job shadowing and early career stages in the financial sector. Rock The Street, Wall Street is in 25 cities across the US, UK and Canada and offers online and virtual options as well.

RTSWS works together with its Sponsors and Supporters of world-class organizations, full list can be seen here.

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Challenges for New College Graduates in the Job Market

Challenges for New College Graduates in the Job Market

A recent New York Times article by Peter Coy, Opinion Writer, highlights the difficulties many new college graduates face in securing employment, despite a low unemployment rate of 3.9 percent in April. Anecdotal evidence and a detailed report from Goldman Sachs economist Elsie Peng reveal that the job-finding rate for new entrants, particularly fresh college graduates, has declined. Key insights from this analysis and additional expert opinions include:

  1. COVID-19 Impact: Remote learning during the pandemic may have hindered graduates’ training, networking, and social capital accumulation.
  2. Job Market Balance: The labor market is stabilizing, allowing employers to be more selective.
  3. Increased Competition: Some graduates with student loan debt are re-entering the job market, intensifying competition.
  4. Employer Caution: Economic uncertainties, such as fluctuating interest rates and consumer demand, make employers cautious about hiring.

The article suggests that traditional job application methods, like submitting resumes through job portals, have a low success rate. Personal connections and targeted applications are recommended strategies. Additionally, college work experience and internships significantly enhance job prospects.

Efforts are being made to address these challenges, emphasizing the importance of employer responsibility in improving the college-to-job transition, especially for underrepresented groups like single mothers.

At Rock The Street, Wall Street (RTSWS), we recognize the importance of equipping young women with the skills and confidence needed to navigate these challenging job markets. Our programs focus on Financial & Investment literacy, mentoring, and early career support to bridge the gap between education and employment. By providing diverse high school girls with the tools they need to succeed in the financial industry, we help ensure that more graduates are prepared to secure meaningful employment and build a brighter economic future.