Independence Academy Students 

Earlier this month, students from Independence Academy, a Nashville charter school, went on their semester end RTSWS Wall Street Experience field trip to the JPMorgan Chase offices. The field trip represents the second of three components of the RTSWS academic year long program. Those components are:

  1. Series of five hands-on financial projects in their classrooms led by female financial professionals in the fall 
  2. Wall Street Experience Field Trip at the end of the fall semester
  3. Mentor/Protege program held during the spring semester, January through April 
The students were warmly welcomed by JPMorgan & Chase Co. executives, some of whom also volunteered in the classroom this past semester. Colleagues from the JPMorgan Chase & Co. New York City and Atlanta offices were also on hand this day to share with our students what a day in the life a financial professional looks like. 

Before the panel discussion, John Morris, Executive Director, Private Banker and Jeff Goodwin, Managing Director, shared with the students their vision of increasing the number of financially astute young women and bringing them into into the financial services industry.

The students then participated in a panel discussion about the various divisions of JPMorgan Chase, job opportunities, college majors/minors and career paths. On the way over to the office on the school bus, the girls discussed what questions they wanted answered and there were quite a number of good ones asked.

JPMorgan Chase & Co. Volunteers

The women who shed light on their college and career paths as well as their workday lives included:
  • Lisa Navaro, Vice President, Chase Commerce Solutions, Nashville 
  • Elizabeth MacGaw, Managing Director, Alternative Investments at JPMorgan Private Bank, NYC
  • Laurie Atkins, Vice President, JPMorgan Private Bank, Nashville
  • Elizabeth York, Executive Director, JPMorgan Private Bank, Atlanta 
  • Lauren Carnicelli, Treasury Management Officer, Vice President, JPMorgan Chase & Co, Nashville 



Tennessee Charter School Center

Bill DeLoache, Board Chair of the Tennessee Charter School Center, joined us on this field trip as he and John Eason were instrumental in connecting RTSWS with Independence Academy. Bill and John have been at the forefront of the charter school movement in the state of Tennessee, helping to write the legislation that brought charter schools to the state. 
Independence Academy, led by Mia Howard, the Founder and CEO of Intrepid College Prep Schools, is ranked first among open enrollment high schools in Math and ELA based on 2018 Tennessee Ready performance.
We are thrilled to be associated with these achieving students. 

What Independence Academy teacher has to say about the RTSWS program

“… It’s also been really cool, we were preparing for the field trip, and we were just asking some questions. I said “OK, so we’re going to have this panel, and what questions are you going to be able to ask?” And I wanted just five questions from them, and we generated a list of fifteen, because they are so curious and excited to hear from women – from the volunteers they’ve been working with and from the women working here, that they just had such a long list of very thoughtful, tough questions. 


I think that it is going to give them a window into what their careers could look like and what their possibilities are. I think for our students it can be really hard to be what they can’t see. A lot of them don’t have women in their families that are working in business or working in professional fields. So when they get to college, when they finish high school, they will be able to look back on this experience and know what their possibilities are, and be able to explore them.” 

– Renee Frederick, Business Fundamentals Teacher

Student from Independence Academy

“Rock the Street, Wall Street helped me to be more responsible with my own finances by creating a budget for Janelle’s finances. I saw how my life and her life were really similar because the needs and wants were kind of the same.


Rock the Street, Wall Street has helped me grow in my understanding of why I need to study math. It taught me how to calculate all of the budget, including the percentages of what’s needed for my needs and what’s needed for my wants are actually really different.”

-Alexus Millken, Sophomore

Thanks, JPM!

Thanks for opening your doors to the Nashville community of high school students. In order to be a financier, our girls need to practice being a financier. 

In other news…

RTSWS Founder and Executive Director, Maura Cunningham accompanied Maria Fiorini Ramerez, President and CEO of MFR, Inc. and a founding member of 100 Women In Finance to their NYC annual gala. While there, they bumped into Charlotte Beyer, currently a 100WIF board member whose foundation, Principle Quest, sponsored the RTSWS program at Hunter College High School in NYC. We had a record inaugural sized class at Hunter College High School with more than 57 students enrolled this fall and 43 already signed up for the spring mentor/protege sessions to be held January through April, 2019.
You two are kind of a big deal! Don’t believe us? Ask our students.

RTSWS is currently in thirteen cities, coast to coast.

For a full list, click here.

Move over Gates and Buffett, there’s new philanthropists in town.