Dr. Mary Daugherty, Senior Fellow in Applied Finance, University of St. Thomas, St. Paul, MN., shares what she has seen in her undergraduate and graduate MBA classrooms for the past thirty years.

  • How few female students enroll in the investment classes.
  • How the loss of girls in math classes starting in middle school results in a brain drain of women in math classes at high school and university levels.
  • How current societal norms in the U.S. suggest it’s ok for girls to say “I can’t do math”.  
  • Women and pricing risk – How it leads to them taking “safe” jobs in finance.
  • Pitching – How the men in the room are “… just spewing it out!”
  • In 30 years, I have never seen…
  • How RTSWS gets to the girls earlier to learn about the power of being financially literate and how diverse a career in finance can truly be.


“This program has helped me view math in a different way because it has showed me that it is not so black and white…. RTSWS helped me take a deeper dive into business and finance and made me realize that there are many various and specific careers within them.”
-Junior at Baruch College Campus High School, NYC, NY


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