ING’s Transformational Grant to RTSWS’s Career Platform Streamlines and Automates Features Better Serving Girls with Tailored Access to Leadership, Mentoring and Financial Services Roles

NEW YORK, April 4, 2024 – Rock The Street, Wall Street (RTSWS), the nonprofit dedicated to bringing the world of financial and investment mathematics to high school girls, is proud to announce a significant milestone one year into its successful rebuild of its Alumnae & Career Center with significantly increased efficiency, functionality and user experience. This innovative overhaul was made possible by a grant from ING Americas and ING’s global community investment fund, marking a critical step forward in providing access and opportunity to young women entering the workforce.

With increased user benefits and more robust functionality, the revamped Career Center incorporates innovation at each level with automated, trackable, user-friendly offerings. The career and leadership platform also offer sponsor firms one-step access to posting internships, job shadows, entry-level, and early career roles. The RTSWS Students gain clarity and access around those early professional opportunities as well as extended programming in RTSWS leadership series, networking events, and mentor matching.

“We have a natural alignment with Rock The Street, Wall Street, which is helping to bring both gender and racial equity to the financial markets,” commented Andy Schaeffer, CEO of ING Americas. “At ING, we are focused on guiding and supporting people towards stronger financial health through financial literacy education and career development. With this grant, we can ensure that the training and experience RTSWS Alumnae receive continues to be supported as they enter the workforce, increasing the number of women in finance and math-related jobs.”

The Career Center provides comprehensive support to RTSWS alumnae and students as they navigate their collegiate and career paths, as many families lack that direct experience in the home. More than 70 financial firms post job openings on the platform, with some also providing career fairs, interview training, and recruitment events for these cohorts, fostering ongoing networks and support as they advance in their careers.

“I’m delighted that ING is helping women take their first steps in establishing financial careers by providing access to firms and networking opportunities,” commented Katharyn Meyer, Head of Financial Markets, ING Americas, and a lead sponsor of this partnership. “As I’ve shared, my love of math and finance has been encouraged by my teachers, parents, and mentors throughout my academic and professional journey. It is my hope to pass forward this gift of engagement and support to others with the help of ING and industry colleagues.”

Rock The Street, Wall Street Founder & CEO Maura Cunningham, with 25 years of Wall Street experience, remarked, “Understanding math and the power it can have offers these talented students a seat at the table, diversifying and strengthening the workforce. Thanks to ING, we’re increasing workforce readiness and future proofing this training through bringing together technology, leadership and investment mathematics. We all recognize, STEM professions are exciting, purposeful, and can lift families up in one generation.”

Raising Awareness during Financial Literacy Month, RTSWS is participating in several industry events, thanking volunteers, and recognizing students and alumnae. Most RTSWS student cohorts have Spring Mentoring Sessions throughout April and are registering on the reimagined Alumnae & Career Center.

Maura Cunningham kicks off the Alumnae & Career Center opportunities via recent events:

 – CFA Society Toronto webinar (replay available) 

 – London Bloomberg Day of Insight to Finance for secondary school girls

 – New York Student CEO event, bringing together Student Leaders

 – RTSWS has relaunched its website and supporting Career Quiz 

 – Upcoming: Chat with Sallie Krawcheck CEO & Founder of Ellevest, on the key to financial & investment understanding; later in the month (more to come!)

RTSWS COO Ashley Leftwich highlights steps to expanding the talent pipeline with the power of mathematics and the Alumnae & Career Center:

  – Share the innovations of the Alumnae & Career Center at the recent PREA, Pension Real Estate Association’s Spring Conference

– Discuss benefits of Math, Access, and Community in recent radio interview

 – Spotlight RTSWS Alumnae Council, encouraging current RTSWS students to participate

The relaunched offering was tested by RTSWS Students in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Portland. In New York, students looked toward access and the benefits of bringing RTSWS Students together

“As we raise awareness during Financial Literacy Month, we are grateful to our sponsors and volunteers for helping our remarkable students and alumnae,” said Ashley Leftwich, RTSWS COO. “We know there is a long road ahead, so it’s great to reflect on our wins as we move forward together. This strategic grant from ING Americas helps RTSWS grow with our students and improve the young women’s experiences as they work hard to enter the workforce.”

Rock The Street, Wall Street is now in more than 60 high schools across 30 cities and has engaged more than 6,000 girls through its program. Completing the program, the young women’s financial and investment concepts improves by an average of 70%, and their pursuit of a finance, economics, or related degree is 5x higher than the national average. 73% of RTSWS students are from BIPOC populations, and 50% are from schools with free and reduced lunch. Rock The Street, Wall Street is a 501c3 and operates in the US, Toronto, and London.

About ING Americas

ING Americas is the brand name of ING’s wholesale business in the Americas region and a part of ING Group N.V., a global financial services company of Dutch origin with a network spanning the Americas, EMEA, and APAC. ING Group shares are listed on the exchanges of Amsterdam, Brussels, and the New York Stock Exchange.

About Rock The Street, Wall Street

RTSWS is an innovative nonprofit dedicated to bringing the world of finance to high school girls, providing financial and investment literacy before college and career selections are made. Founded by former Wall Street executive Maura Cunningham, RTSWS has expanded internationally to bring STEM to young women in more than 60 high schools across 25 cities in the US, London and Toronto. The programs leverage women leaders in the financial industry as volunteer instructors and coaches, and firms as sponsors, helping students see themselves in key roles, expanding their reach, and offering them the social capital and a flight path into STEM careers.