March 5th, 2024 – Virtual – Toronto

Research indicates that girls in the U.S, UK and Canada perform on par with boys in math during elementary and middle school, but their performance wanes significantly in high school/secondary school, and beyond, known as the “gender gap.” Contributing factors include societal biases, lack of female role models in math-related fields, and gender-based socialization. It’s important to recognize that this gap varies across regions and cultures.

However, solutions are evident. Research affirms that interventions boosting girls’ math and science interest yield positive results in narrowing the gender gap. Urgent action is essential. We all share responsibility in reshaping the trajectory for girls in math, spanning schools, companies, and homes.

Join us on March 5th as we invite Maura Cunningham Founder & CEO of Rock The Street Wall Street along with Tricia Rothschild, CFA, Vice Chair of the CFA Institute Board of Governors for a virtual fireside chat to learn more about Rock The Street’s mission & how you can get involved.

Learning Objectives

Learn more about Rock The Street, Wall Street and their financial and investment literacy program designed to bring both gender and racial equity to the financial markets and spark the interest of high school girls into careers of finance
Learn more about volunteer opportunities
Who Should Attend
Complimentary to all members & non-members